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No Fluff


The Moore Performance Coaching philosophy is grounded in maintaining a healthy life, work and sport balance.  We are focused on helping really busy people get the most out of their training time and then get back to the rest of their responsibilities.  To meet this goal we have developed a quality vs. quantity approach to coaching.  This means the workouts tend to be shorter but more intense than other programs and focus specifically on the skills that will make you a better athlete. 


No cookie cutter programs


At Moore Performance we strongly believe that every athlete is an individual with varying strengths, weaknesses and lifestyles that can’t be addressed by a one size fits all coaching program.  Because of this belief we are dedicated to providing personalized coaching to all of our athletes.  For each athlete we develop a periodized plan for reaching their goals and then hand build a monthly calendar around that athletes schedule and skill set.


We’ve found that the biggest benefit we can offer through the individualized coaching program is that when life happens we are here to help you navigate your training around the obstacles.  If you get sick, injured, have a business trip come up or an unexpected visit from a relative we can move things around so that you stay on track. 


You always have our support


As part of our dedication to personalized coaching we place an emphasis on customer service.  To do this we insist on maintaining an open dialogue with our athletes and an open door contact policy.  As one of our coaches puts it “it’s not complaining, it’s feedback, and I want a lot of it”. 


We really do want to hear from you and we want to answer your questions.  Given our strong science background, our network of coaching resources and years of experience working with athletes of all levels we want our athletes to consider us a one stop resource for all of their training related questions.

Bio for Jesse Moore – owner of Moore Performance Coaching


Jesse is a Category 1 racer currently competing nationally with the California Giant/Specialized racing team.  He received his graduate degree at UC Davis in exercise physiology under the mentorship of world-renowned physician and coach Massimo “Max” Testa.  While completing his research on the effects of cycling cadence on fatigue and performance Jesse served as an apprentice to Dr. Testa, testing and coaching several Northern California athletes and teams through the UC Davis Sports Medicine program. Through this experience, Jesse expanded his previous coaching experience with rock climbers, track athletes and cross country runners to include cyclists of all levels, from recreational to category 1 racers, triathletes and cross country skiers.  Jesse is currently a USA Cycling certified coach with several years of experience helping athletes reach their goals.